Thursday, October 07, 2004

  The earliest recollection, I have of my conception, is when evil conceived me, like Adam and Eve, and she was me.
  I was in Egypt, and I was in Rome, and I even sat on a throne.
  I had a hastle, in a great big castle. I was stabbed to death, and left with no breath.
  And I was an Indian, and began to believe again. That I would find my twin soul, my forever companion.
  Then there were the early 50's, which ended very quickly, I ran out of luck in a Chevy pick-up truck.
  Here I stand today, a women born in May. Venus is my ruler, til Pan Horus becomes truer.
  As the Golden Age approaches, I yearn to learn all the secrets in Mother Moon's broaches, and Father Sun will lend a hand, to the Promised Land.
Heaven on Earth.
  May I ask what is the point of all this pain and misery? If I were God, I would certainly show more compassion, and tell them about the mystery.
  You say children are innocent, then why do so many die, abused, raped, and killed, this is no show of your magnificense.
  Jesus died for all our sins, but sin is all around. I guess what he did, really didn't matter, so I guess we shouldn't mind, there are no answers to find.
  Is this all a hoax, maybe I'll just take another toke. To a peaceful place, Peace on Earth, all in my mind, all of you are blind.
  I'm really beginning to wonder, about the place called yonder. No one believes in miracles anymore, and most of us are poor. Oh how well you've evened the score.
  What would you think, if I really showed you who I am.
  Well, I'll tell you anyway, because I remember tomorrow, and I remember yesterday.
  I may be confused, but I have a guide, and I think I keep him quite amused.
  I'm not afraid, because I'm not man-made. I am fragments of light, energy super imposed, greyish blue is my shade.
  The silvery wise reflected in my eyes, I hold no lies. The limit is the sky, I feel sad for those who do not see, and let things go by, with never asking why.
  I spoke to a rose yesterday, I'm glad I was listening, the glistening water droplet called me, I felt the velvety petal with my nose as I inhaled its scent, Heaven...
  I look around me, and everything is alive, the wind wraps its arms around me, the tree's, their wisdom is so dear, the water makes me tranquil, it soothes away my pain, and Roxanne the fox, she understands...
  That I know we are all egual, we all want to thrive. The time of Earth School has once again arrived.
  Have love, compassion, and reverence for everything, and await the day when harmony shall sing.
  As I have learned, all things are divine, we all walk the same line, lessons to learn, things for us to evolve, and earn.
  In the end we are all friends. Our Uni-verse, It really is not a curse.
  Do I belong to you? A smaller version, but my cry is strong and true.
  We are the same, but not in name. We play the game of life, of difficulty and strife.
  You are larger in wisdom, we both believe in freedom, we must help create our peaceful kingdom.
  I have been a lonely queen, upon my throne, all alone, without my king. I still hold dear, your sceptre, your throne, and your ring.
  Full circle, I wait for the color purple, at the rainbow's end. You are my lover, you are my friend.
  I need a sign, I must hear your harsh cry, to know that you are here and alive, if not, I beg you, plunge and dive.
  Fourteen pieces divided in two, seven for me, and seven for you.
  I do...
These a just a couple of poems, out of many, Please tell me honestly, what you think.
Stephanie A. Graham